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Faux Fur

Size: Footsak, X-Small, Small, Medium and Large
Material: Faux fur
Colour: Silver Shadow

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FootSak is a foot stool use to put up your feet after a long days work.

X-Small Fatsak

This X-Small edition is ideal for the younger FatSak enthusiasts.

Small Fatsak

This little guy is just schweet. At 1.2 meters (4feet) across, this is sufficient for one person and perfect for little people - every kids room should have one of these!

Medium Fatsak
Much more manageable at 1.5 meters (5feet) across, this is a comfy chair for one person or two could snuggle

Large Fatsak
If you're got the space, this is the one to have. Outrageously large at approximately 2 meters (6 feet) across, this should fit two people quite comfortably.